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Emerald is one of the ancient gems known to mankind. Its lush hue has captivated the heart of many and mesmerized women with its charisma. As it was earlier found treasured in royal closets of kings and queens, it is given a royal distinctive. It is a rich green gemstone that signifies spring, youth, love, romance, life and good luck. Its occurrence is rare, just like its rich green lush color. This stone is believed to have strong medicinal values, healing a number of health problems. Its ceremonial color can reflect love with the same depth and vibrancy as of its color.

emerald earring

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Emerald jewellery is perfect as 35th anniversary gift as one can pour love and rejuvenate romance with this magical gemstone. Gifting stunning emeraldsto a spouse on this remarkable day can make one lost in memories and ponder over the golden moments of togetherness. This jewelry is exquisite and incomparable as much gemstone jewelry tends to change its color in daytime unlike emerald jewelry. Its extravagant vigor and shine remains intact and fresh. Emerald is the birthstone for those born in the month of May. So wearing emerald jewelry is believed to bring in good luck and joys in their life. This gemstone is prone to damages and fractures due to its inclusions. So, settings play an important in golden ring jewelry. Safe settings that are neither too deep nor too shallow are ideal for its setting. They have a crystalline structure, so one should pay attention towards its facets and cuts as these two factors are responsible for enhancing the beauty of its and women are fond of fashion jewelry.   

An emerald ring makes a wonderful romantic gift on special days like engagements, weddings and anniversaries. The rings come in lush green color from light to dark tones. An intricately cut emerald ring looks ravishingly beautiful. The facets of emeralds in a ring are of prime importance. The popular cuts of emerald ring are oval, round, square, emerald and princess cut. The base metal for these rings is either yellow gold or white gold as they enhance its beauty in its true essence. Emerald ring adorned with other gemstones like diamonds and sapphires looks fascinating. Designer rings in emeralds are very popular with jewelry lovers across the globe. Single stoned emerald rings are equally popular as clustered emerald rings.

Emerald earringis another most in-demand kind of jewelry this season. Green emerald earrings look graceful with all kinds of attires. Emerald studs, danglers and hoops are popular emerald earring. Some of the in vogue emerald earring comes in heart, butterfly and square shapes. A variety of chic and contemporary designs are available online and here some tips on jewellery shopping online.

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